How To Become A Member Of Surfcomp

It is really quite simple. Membership is FREE, no cost to start and no cost to run it. (BYO iPhones or iPads)

Download the Surfcomp app from the App Store and then just get your club member details organised in a spreadsheet.

Once you have all your divisions created as separate sheets or tabs, and member details entered including the current leaderboard placings and rankings, you are set to upload this info to us and we will setup your club on Surfcomp.

Ready To Go?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sure, most clubs just run the Surfcomp app in conjunction with their current system, just to get a handle on the way things work. So there really is no drama in making the transition, you can even back up your scores on paper if you feel comfortable moving into things at an easy pace.

Yep it is free today and will always be free to Australian amateur boardriding clubs. We “clip our ticket” with sponsorship and advertising as part of the overall monetisation model for the Surfcomp brand.

If you are wanting to organise the setup of Surfcomp to run on iPads and a flat screen TV (Whiteboard dispaly), you are going to need to spend about $3k.
The list of required equipment along with a setup diagram can be found here.

At present we are only supporting Apple iOS – iPhone and iPad. We are soon to launch website support for non-iPhone users.

We have plans to support “Remote Area Access” for Surfcomp. Estimated launch date Q3-4 2017.

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